Marathi Moggu (Dried Kapok Buds)


Marathi Moggu is a type of caper. These are dried unopened flower buds of the Silk Cotton tree. It has a similar appearance as cloves. The word ‘moggu’ literally translates to bud. Generally marathi moggu is roasted and ground along with other spices in many spice blends. This underrated spice is usually ignored to include in the spice blends. One of the widely used spices in Karnataka cuisine and Chettinad cuisine. It is used in most of the traditional karnataka dishes such as Bisi Bele Bath powder, Masala Puri Chaat. Chettinad masala recipe use this as an essential spice and it elevates the taste of the dish that use chettinad masala such as Vegetable chettinad curry. 




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