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Turmeric Powder


Turmeric powder is a member of the ginger family and has a distinctive bright yellow colour, so it is called golden spice. Fresh turmeric has a striking appearance to fresh ginger.  It is used as a colouring agent in few recipes, popularly known for its antioxidant content, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and medicinal properties. Benefits of turmeric are incredibly vast and it is believed to be the most powerful spice to combat many diseases. Widely used in Ayurveda and in home remedies for 

Most of our Indian recipes use a small amount of turmeric, this spice can be used in many ways such as rice, curries, stews, drinks. Check out the curry & dinner category in this blog for a few recipe ideas or click on below images for the recipe.

       pouring kashayam in a glass    vegetable chettinad in a pan with coriander leaves rice in a bowl


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