About Me

Hello, Namaste Foodies!

I’m Geetha, an Indian living in the UK. I’m a cook, photographer, videographer, editor and voice behind the Flavours Treat.

A bit About ME

I’m a part-time food blogger and a full-time mother to a most adorable, bubbly and cute little girl. I am a vegetarian by choice and a food enthusiast who enjoys cooking for my family.

Before starting a food blog, I was a restaurateur and a part-time cook where I learnt about various regional cuisines, the importance of spices used to flavour the dishes. Kind and friendly chefs helped me to improve my cooking skills and gain the confidence to use shortcuts in the kitchen to make life easier. I’ve adapted a few simple techniques and tactics that helped me to take my cooking skills to the next level.

About the BLOG

I created this blog as a resource to find simple and real food recipes. All recipes made with wholesome, mostly healthy and fresh ingredients that are easily available. Most of the ingredients are easy to swap out with whatever is available in your pantry or fridge/freezer.

You will find classic and simple vegetarian recipes made from scratch using everyday ingredients. Most of the recipes can be customised to vegan, gluten-free or to suit an individual’s requirement.


I want to show you how few everyday ingredients can transform a simple dish into something amazing and delicious. Most of my recipes are of fast prep with great flavours!

Flavours Treat brings you kid-friendly recipes shown by my little chef Samyu (5-year-old daughter) to show you how cooking is interesting with a hope that people of all skill levels get inspired to have fun in the kitchen!

Each recipe has easy to follow instructions with process shots (detailed step-wise pictures) and video.

What you will NOT find on FLAVOURS TREAT

I don’t use additives, artificial colours, artificial flavour enhancers, preservatives, emulsifiers. Instead, I emphasise on using natural food colouring and flavouring agents. You will not find any recipes that contain fake meat or egg.

What you’ll find on FLAVOURS TREAT

Simple tasty recipes made using everyday ingredients and spices that are essential to prepare Indian meals.

Classic recipes from regional cuisines that have distinct flavours and taste.

Delicious, easy-to-make authentic homemade Restaurant-style Indian recipes. Each recipe is easy enough for even the novice cook to make at the comfort of home. I’ve provided a few tips and tricks to get the right flavours and taste.

Quick, easy and tasty Midweek meals that get together in 30 minutes or less. Perfect on lazy days or on midweek nights when you don’t have time to make elaborate meals.

This blog has interesting and easy Kids cooking recipes that kids can make themselves with little assistance from adults.


All the recipes in this blog are Tried and Tested in my kitchen. I take great care to ensure I provide all the necessary information about the recipe such as possible recipe variations, suitable substitution (where possible), tips and tricks to get right taste every time.

You will find Party recipe ideasSo many of my recipes are suitable and convenient to make in large volume or to make-ahead.

Few Cheat recipes that use shortcuts and few ingredients replacement to save time, yet don’t compromise on flavours and taste.

I hope you find something here to suit your taste.

Contact Me

For Collaborations, Recipe Video Creation and Media Kit, shoot me an email to flavourstreat@gmail.com.


Final Thoughts…..

“Cooking is the art of adjustment” – Jacques Pepin

I wholeheartedly believe the above statement. One thing I have learnt from my cooking experience is to understand how to balance flavours. For any cook, novice or experienced, it is necessary to adjust the ingredients used that certainly bring out the right flavour to suit your taste buds and not just blindly follow the recipe. I suggest you treat the recipe as a guide and keep experimenting with ingredients, add a dash of that and a pinch of this until you are happy with the taste, aroma and flavours. The real satisfaction is in creating something that you and your loved ones enjoy.

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Cheers and Happy Cooking 🙂



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