Easy 3-Ingredient Mango Mousse

Indulge in this fluffy, airy, and rich mango mousse that's made with only 3 ingredients

Prep Time 5 Mins

Servings 3

This Mango mousse recipe is gluten-free, eggless and made without gelatin but replicates the taste and texture of traditional mousse!

Gather your Ingredients for Mango Mousse

Mango Pulp

Heavy Cream


Whipping the cream to soft peaks is crucial

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 Adjust the sugar according to the sweetness of the mangoes



Things to note before making this recipe

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In a chilled bowl, pour the cream, sugar and whisk with an electric whisk for around 4-5 minutes on medium speed until soft peaks.


How to make  Mango Mousse

Whisk in mango pulp on medium speed for just 2 mins or until the mango and cream are well combined.


In a glass put a spoon of mango pulp at the bottom followed by the prepared mousse


Finally, garnish it with a few fresh mango cubes, cover the glasses with plastic wrap and keep in the fridge for 30 - 40 minutes to set


You can enjoy this delicious mango dessert for summer, plus it is ideal for serving on special occasions too!

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Geetha Priyanka

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